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Attendance Policy and Procedures

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Attendance Policy

At Innovations Academy, attendance is calculated in two ways:

1. Live Session Attendance

Your student is marked Virtually Present or Virtually Absent (VABS) based upon if they attended the live session for the day. 

2. Work Completion Attendance (ADA)

Your student is marked Complete Work (CW) or Incomplete Work (IW) based upon completion of the assigned work. 

The state calculates independent study attendance based upon work completion of the assignments assigned in each course.  This means, if a student has missing assignments, they will have missing attendance.  Work completion attendance is what is reported to the state.   A student has until the end of each reporting period to make up any missed work.  There are no excused absences in an independent study program. 

Students not generating attendance for more than 10% of the required minimum instructional time over four continuous weeks, or are found not participating in synchronous instruction for more than 50% of the scheduled times, or who are in violation of the master agreement, a meeting will take place to determine if independent study is the appropriate strategy for this student.  The maximum length of time which may occur between the date an assignment is made by the teacher and the date it is due unless an exception is made in accordance with district policy is one (1) week. BP 6158